Mission statement

At Apersys, we are on the mission to save more patients in need of an organ. Our perfusion platform technology paves the way for improving the number of transplantable organs and fostering translational research. 

Please be advised that for ethical reasons, no real blood was utilized in the production of this video. As a result, the color depicted may differ from real blood.


Meet the dedicated Apersys Team (and their favorite songs)

CEO & Project Lead

Waldemar Hoffmann

Leveraging extensive experience in Medtech and holding a PhD in Biomedical Engineering, he champions seamless collaboration across the value chain.

Head of Engineering

Sven Leppert

He leads the development of the perfusion system. He holds a Master’s Degree from KIT in Chemical Engineering.

Scientific Product Manager

Kendra Wernle

She harnesses her biomedical expertise to drive perfusion projects, leveraging an MSc in Biomedicine from UZH and ongoing doctorate in Medical Science.

Head RA & QA

Agata Ishizaki

An expert in regulatory and quality with a knack for innovation. She’s dedicated to driving excellence while navigating complex regulatory landscapes.

Biomedical Engineer

Sina Baumgartner

As a Biomedical Engineer with a Master from ETH Zurich, she focuses on developing the most user-friendly medtech applications with real-world usability.

Head Product Management

Andrea Venturato

He translates his passion for building in science into a passion for building products. He holds a PhD in Material Chemistry from University of Edinburgh.

Quality Manager

Jenny Papafotopoulou

She brings broad expertise in cGMP and ISO standards. Passionate about quality, she conquers the quality world one ISO certification at a time.

Electrical Engineer

Alfonso Benot Morell

With a passion for innovation, he thrives on designing sustainable solutions for tomorrow’s Medical Devices. He holds a PhD from UPV.

Software Development Engineer

Sandeep Menta

Focused on building robust software that brings the best solutions into real-world applications. He has a background in control techniques and robotics. 

Clinical Lead

Matthias Pfister, MD

He is dedicated to closing the gap between the OR, Labs, and medical device industry, to ultimately translate clinical needs into opportunities to improve patient care.

RA Consultant

Dawn Balazs-Metz

An RA expert specialized in US market authorizations for high-risk medical devices and combination products, with a focus on accelerating time to market.

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